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Hybrid Petroleum Institute - Welcome
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Hybrid Petroleum is a company constituted in 1999, with the objective to offer professionals services of engineering pressure vessels, metallurgy, and corrosion, nondestructive testing and engineering welding.


 To which has specialists and certified professionals by the following organizations:


 API 510   API 570   API 571   API 577   API 580   API 653 


 Visual Testing

 Magnetic Testing

 Penetrant testing

 Ultrasound testing: phased array, acoustic emission, guided waves.

 Corrosion Technician 

 Expert in metallurgy 


 Unit of accredited verifier                                        
















Experience: we count with more than 10 years in projects of engineering, Inspections, Evaluations and Mechanical Integrity Audits. We have done projects to the four subsidiaries of PEMEX: PEMEX EXPLORACION PRODUCCION-PEP, PEMEX GAS Y PETROQUIMICA BASICA-PGPB, PETROQUIMICA SECUNDARIA-PPQ, PEMEX REFINACION, as well as companies in the chemical industry and petrochemical, nationals and transnationals.


Innovation in projects of mechanical integrity: we count with inspectors API, CWI, ASNT, etc.
We have developed project of Fitness for service (FFS), studies in Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Revamps, Rerating, Risk Analysis, investigation of plants accidents, using tools and engineering philosophies of higher use and acceptance Worldwide


Technology: We count with mature technology and the most modern inspection equipment: Guided waves, Volumetric Ultrasonic, Borescope, eddy currents, Acoustic emission, etc..


We are developers of software to the administration of the engineering of welding: PROSOLASME.
We also develop a software about Risk Based Inspection, called: HPIRisk-Survey 


We have the largest data base of the national oil industry, with which we have developed an information bank on welding procedures, repair procedures, etc.


We are developing a management software of inspection plans, grade of examination for static equipment in industrial plants, with base on the studies of RBI (Risk Based Inspection), PHA (HAZOP: Risk analysis), MOC (Management of change), RCM (Reliability centered maintenance), FMEA (Failure mode and Effects Analysis), ARC (Abott Risk Consulting).


By integrating all these tools are developing a risk management program by inspection and predictive maintenance and management of mechanical integrity.


We are working to align these initiatives with institutional systems of PEMEX, such as SAP, SAM, SSPA (security, health and environmental protection), IMP (Integrity Management Program), FMP (Facility Management Program), PAID (Program Pipeline Integrity Management), IMS (integrated management system).


About HPI


Hybrid Petroleum, is an engineering company, it began with the conviction of providing comprehensive multidisciplinary services and satisfy the particular needs of our clients in the energy sector industry and industrial processing exceeding their expectations, to become:


“Their allies at all times”


The professionalism and experience of our technical team allows us to offer optimum performance of projects, based on the ability of our employees, as well as specialized advisors and partners we have, allowing us to participate more efficiently in all steps in the project scope.


It is the policy of HYBRID PETROLEUM INSTITUTE (HPI) performing the execution of all projects, in strict compliance with the requirements of the contract specifications and standards, codes and best practices implemented worldwide. Therefore, we are committed to working hard in the process of continuous improvement of our processes, implement actions to help raise the quality indices and productivity.



  • Contribute to strengthen of the national economy by developing a business center customers and partners with high levels of human development. Similarly, we develop suppliers and alliance with companies reliable and engaged with our organization
  • Create new markets, keep our non-renewable resources by optimizing non-renewables energy.
  • HPI also seeks to satisfy the needs of our customers and enhance the competitive intellectual capital required by globalization, keeping updated through continuous staff training, develop new skills.


  • Be the company, number one in the election of engineering specializing in design, mechanical integrity and operational reliability in the energy sector industry: Chemical industry, petrochemical, gas and petroleum refining, using the last generation technologies, global best practices and highly trained staff and certificate in major organizations at international level.
  • HPI aims to develop our country, our community, our employees creating technological developments for the efficient management of our energy resources.





For more information about our services:

Make contact with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  




  • Refinación 
  1. Refinería Ing. Héctor R. Lara Sosa (Cadereyta, Nuevo León), 
  2. Refinería Francisco I. Madero (Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas), 
  3. Refinería Ing. Antonio M. Amor (Salamanca, Guanajuato), 
  4. Refinería Miguel Hidalgo (Tula, Hidalgo), 
  5. Refinería Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas (Minatitlán, Veracruz), 
  6. Refinería Ing. Antonio Dovalí Jaime (Salina Cruz, Oaxaca)
  7. Terminales Marítimas
  8. Almacenamiento y reparto
  •  Petroquímica
  1. Complejo Petroquímico Camargo
  2. Complejo Petroquímico Cangrejera 
  3. Complejo Petroquímico Cosoleacaque
  4. Complejo Petroquímico Pajaritos
  5. Complejo Petroquímico Cangrejera Morelos
  6. Complejo Petroquímico Escolín 
  •  Exploración y producción
Región Norte:
  1. Activo Integral Burgos
  2. Activo Integral Veracruz
  3. Activo Integral Poza Rica-Altamira

Región Sur:

  1.   Activo Integral Cinco presidentes

Región Noreste:  

  1. Activo Integral Cantarell
  2. Activo Integral Ku-Maloop-Zaap
  •  Gas y petroquímica básica
  1. Centro procesador de gas Reynosa
  2. Centro procesador de gas Poza Rica
  3. Centro procesador de gas Matapionche
  4. Centro procesador de gas La Venta
  5. Centro procesador de gas Nuevo PEMEX
  6. Centro procesador de gas Cd. PEMEX
  7. Centro procesador de gas Cactus




                Terminal Petroquímica Altamira®

 Alstom Power® 
     Basf Chemical® 
 Pepsico®   CFE® 

 Mercedes Benz®

 Procter and Gamble®
  Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles® 
 Unigel acrílico®   Linde® 
 Unigel Química®   Dupont® 
 Clariant®   Praxair® 
 Trascanada®   Sidernet®      
 Techint®   Grupo Modelo® 


   AB InBev® 
 CIATEQ®   Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo® 

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México®

 Flowserve®   Chrysler® 
SENER®  Tecpetrol® 
CIMESA®  Volaris® 
Luperox®  Agrofermex® 





Exxon®                                                               Petroecuador®                          
Petrobras®      Ecopetrol® 
Chevron®      Fluor Daniel Internacional® 
Petrotemex®      Technip®
Bureau Veritas®   TÜV Rheinland® 
Soletanche Bachy®  Arkema® 


(All brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations)  




We formed a holding with several companies whose social purpose is focused on business management of high value for the energy industry:
  • Hybrid Petroleum Institute
  • Grupo API de Integridad Mecánica
  • Administración y Soluciones de personal
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Quality Verification
  • Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados
  • Oil & Gas Managment

We have different technology partners in Mexico to: condition assessment, Risk Management, Fitness for Service, Fitness for purpose, based on risk and remaining life of static equipment inspection. 

Trademarks and patents


We have developed inspection systems and softwares with trademark registration in the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial and Instituto Mexicano de derechos de autor.

We have 10 patents in registration process of own technology, we are validating the final phase of development, focused primarily on management solutions and risk management, condition assessment, mechanical integrity, remaining life and extend the useful life of the assets static equipment for processing plants refining, gas and petrochemicals, the end of its life cycle:
  5. SIIME